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Recycled Materials

Demolishing a domestic or commercial property can create a huge carbon footprint if the old property is just razed to the ground with no real thought put into the process. In the same way that construction is now rapidly ‘going green’ demolition is beginning to follow suit, with a new Eco-friendly method.

Why Eco-friendly Demolition?

Did you know that over one-third of the waste that ends up in landfill comes from demolition and construction industries? The more modern method of demolition is known as a "walk through" where excavators level the structure as they move through the property. But this results in all potentially recyclable material gets mixed in with rubbish, and it all ends up in landfill. Much of demolition waste can be recycled, which is why the smarter alternative is Eco-friendly demolition.

What Is Eco-friendly Demolition?

Very simply, Eco-friendly demolition involves minimising the amount of waste to landfill by deliberately and delicately removing all salvageable material before razing a structure. Once all salvageable materials have been safely removed, the shell will be levelled off with an excavator. The end result is exactly the same, but Eco-friendly demolition offers significant benefits for both the environment and your back pocket!

How Does It Work?

After you've contacted a trusted and insured demolition contractor, the first step is to visit your site and prepare your quotation. Your contractor will take into consideration all salvageable items, and reduce your quotation accordingly.  If you wish to keep any items, this is absolutely up to you. Many clients choose to buy back their bricks, after they've been cleaned by a brick-cleaning machine. Alternatively, you might just want the property gone completely so that you can get on with your build on a blank canvas. With the right tools and clean-up process, a demolition job can be completed without harming a thing.

What Can I Recycle?

Many contractors will segregate the waste into separate waste streams to be taken to the relevant recycling facility. Some of the items that you might be able to salvage and recycle from your demolition include:

Roof tiles

Ceiling timbers and beams

Bricks and concrete

Timber and trusses

Steel and metal

Demolition Contractors Brisbane, Queensland

Not all demolition contractors will have these Eco-friendly methods and techniques in place, so make sure that you look out for them when choosing a professional demolition contractor in Brisbane.